Lighting DIY // Living Room


To help save costs yet keep the modern look we like, Tyler and I have DIY'd most of the light fixtures in our house. We started with the dining room chandelier and continued with the living room sconces, Surveyors Tripod Lamp, and finally the overhead light in our living room.

We had a vision for what we wanted in the living room, but everything we found was VERY expensive. It seems the more simplistic and modern items become, the higher the price. My online searches continued to land on the same designer that inspired our dining room chandelier - Lindsey Adelman. You can find some of her amazing pieces here.

As luck would have it, Lindsey actually offers a DIY guide for one of her popular designs - found here.


You can simply download the step-by-step directions and come out with a unique design like those shown below:


Photos from Lindsey Adelman

Really cool, huh? I continued to come back to this light because it was simplistic in design and not too heavy. Our living room, dining room, and kitchen flow directly through our house, so I always want to make sure there is an easy line of sight from one end to the other. This chandelier seemed to be the perfect fit!

What made the light even better was that Lindsey partnered with Grand Brass, the retailer Tyler and I have used to purchase all of our other lighting materials, to offer a one-click purchase of the light to create yourself! If you don't wish to make any modifications to the original specifications, the light comes to $145.25 + shipping. Now THAT'S a great deal!

We actually decided to make a few little tweaks to the design to fit the look we wanted in our space, but the directions were quite detailed and made adjustments easy to incorporate. We were able to design and create a custom chandelier for a fraction of the retail price. I think we spent a little over $150 with shipping and everything. We even purchased two different types of light bulbs in case we want to change things up at a later date.

Now I have to give all of the lighting credit in our house to my handy husband, Tyler. He has taught himself and assembled all of the lights in our house - I just come up with the ideas. :) If anyone has any detailed electrical questions about any of our DIY lights, he would be the person to ask! This is what our version of the Lindsey Edelman Chandelier looks like:




The great thing about a design like this is that the options are truly endless. You can be as creative as you wish!